DuTranslator v1.0.0-Beta1 |
Beta Tools

By: Duduf, Kevin Masson

License: GNU General Public License v3

This is still a Beta version, which means there’s still some development remaining, but it is already considered "usable". i.e. you can already use it without breaking the sun, there may still be some bugs. You may use it in production at your own risk.

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DuTranslator: translate your tools

DuTranslator is a simple application to help people translate any program. You don’t need to be a developper to use it.

It is the framework used to easily translate Duik into more than 6 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Esperanto). It is made of a framework for the developers to include translations in their tools, and a nice and easy-to-use application to let users create their own translations.

The translation files generated/edited with DuTranslator are stored in an open JSON format (which can also be easily edited with any text editor).

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