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We’ve recently run a crowdfunding campaign to develop and improve the Rainbox Open Tools: new free and open source tools for film and animation production.

The campaign has ended in June, and we’ve raised 26.000€, 185% of the initial goal, which means we’re now able to develop very advanced tools!

There are a lot of things we can and we want to develop. What we’re going to achieve depends primarily on how much we have raised during this crowdfunding campaign. We’ve reached the level III, which means most of the features will be developed, and just a few more advanced tools will be more difficult or take more time to develop, those which were planned at level IV.

Ramses: the Rainbox Asset Management System

Ramses is the name found by Sébastien Périer, when we began the development for his feature film Mythomen (trailer). It’s a name based on the working name we used at that time : the Rainbox Asset Management System.

It is an easy-to-use application along with an optional comprehensive framework to help production and asset management for all kinds of pipelines, easy-to-use, with integrations for Blender and After Effects, and an easy API to integrate it to any other software. Works both online with a shared database and offline for independent workers.

With Ramses you will be able to build and manage complex projects and pipelines. Ramses will help to plan and follow the production of all the assets of your production, and automate your pipeline.

It’s going to be a full framework including different tools:

The main client application for managing the production and all data

Extensions for the software used in the pipeline (After Effects and Blender for example), which are able to communicate with the main application, and to manage assets used with this software.

The framework relies on a webserver and database, but it is meant to be used via the native application and not through an internet browser.

This allows the framework to be used offline too.

– Windows (+ After Effects, Blender)
– Mac OS (+ After Effects, Blender)
– Linux (+ Blender)

The log-in screen of the first version for testing
Some assets in the first version for testing
  • The client application which can be used with or without server. Yes, this will be the first production and asset management tool working offline too! It makes it perfect for both individuals who don’t have access to a web server, and for companies which can deploy the Ramses server too.
  • The first working features will be: Production management, to follow the state of the production and be able to plan it, User management (rights, contacts, notifications…), Project management (setup projects, share assets between project).
  • The server side which handles the data of your productions (the lists: projects, assets, shots, and the users, etc.) which is shared between the users. It will be simple enough to be installed on a private server or a local computer at home, on a NAS, or on a shared hosting, even if of course it will work on more advanced platforms.
  • The Ramses daemon is the inter-application API to easily let you control Ramses from any other software (via either a network socket or a command line interface), so developers will be able to connect any software to Ramses through scripts/add-ons or plugins. The API will provide all information the software may need (about versions, the state of the assets, the current tasks…) and methods to update the data (publish assets, update the versions, …)
  • After Effects integration will use the aforementioned daemon to let you control Ramses from a nice After Effects panel. This will help you with project and asset versioning, publish, update and import assets, backup projects…
  • Blender integration will manage the versioning of your scenes and help you publish, update and import assets, assemble your scenes and backup projects…
  • Backup tools will help you collect all files you have to backup once a project is finished to easily archive it on your drive/server/cloud while removing what you don’t need to keep.

Animatic and edit support: Ramses will connect the shots and assets of your project to the animatic and edit, letting you manage the production in sync with the video and easily locating where each asset will be visible. Ramses will handle video files, but also XML and EDL files to keep data in sync with the edit and come with an API and tools to actually connect it to your editing software and even automate the update of the animatic/edit.

Don’t hesitate to use the comments below if you have any suggestion. We’re open to all ideas! These will be your tools too, so let’s shape them together!

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