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OCA is an open format to ease the exchange of traditionnal/frame-by-frame/cel animation between different applications.


  • OCA has to be open and simple: it must be easy to implement an exporter or importer in any application providing a scripting API.
  • As it relies on existing and standard file formats (images and json/text files) stored in a simple folder, the OCA format can be imported in any application manually, even if the application does not directly support it.
  • OCA stores the most common features used by drawing/animation software: layers, groups, blending modes, animation exposure (x-sheet), etc.


We’re providing some implementations of OCA as add-ons for a few applications. If the application you need is not listed, you can politely ask for it in a feature request and we’ll consider it.


OCA supports the most common features of all drawing/animation software:

  • Layers
  • Layer Groups (and pass through mode if any)
  • Layer Labels
  • Layer Visibility
  • Blending Modes
  • Layer Alpha options (inherit alpha)
  • Keyframes and their duration (animation exposure)
  • Opacity Keyframes
  • Layer Sizes and Coordinates
  • Document background color
  • Document color depth
  • Duration
  • Framerate

All these properties are stored in a simple JSON file, and the images are stored in standard image file formats: PNG, EXR, SVG

Everything is assembled in a folder which name ends with .oca. The JSON file is at the root, while the images are stored in subfolders corresponding to layers and groups.

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