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Developped by: Duduf, Kevin Masson

License: GNU General Public License v3

This is still a Beta version, which means there’s still some development remaining, but it is already considered "usable". i.e. you can already use it without breaking the sun, there may still be some bugs. You may use it in production at your own risk.

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We’ve recently run a crowdfunding campaign to develop and improve the Rainbox Open Tools: new free and open source tools for film and animation production.

The campaign has ended in June, and we’ve raised 26.000€, 185% of the initial goal, which means we’re now able to develop very advanced tools!

DuTranslator: translate your tools

DuTranslator is a simple application to help people translate any program. You don’t need to be a developper to use it.

It is the framework used to easily translate Duik into more than 6 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Esperanto). It is made of a framework for the developers to include translations in their tools, and a nice and easy-to-use application to let users create their own translations.

The translation files generated/edited with DuTranslator are stored in an open JSON format (which can also be easily edited with any text editor).

Currently, these translation files can be used in After Effects and other Adobe scripts, using the DuTranslator library provided with DuAEF – The Duduf After Effects Framework.

We’re going to also develop a small library to make them easy to use in Qt/C++, and probably in Python too. In the meantime, as these translation files are simple JSON files, it should be easy to develop a small library to use them in any other program or script.

– Windows (+ After Effects, Blender)
– Mac OS (+ After Effects, Blender)
– Linux (+ Blender)

There are a lot of things we can and we want to develop. What we’re going to achieve depends primarily on how much we have raised during this crowdfunding campaign. We’ve reached the level III, which means most of the features will be developed, and just a few more advanced tools will be more difficult or take more time to develop, those which were planned at level IV.

At this level of crowdfunding, we will be able to correctly finish this very useful tool, and make it available for everyone using tools written in JavaScript or ExtendScript (like Adobe Scripts).

At this level, we will develop new libraries of DuTranslator for Qt/C++ and Python, to be able to use the same translation file format in stand-alone applications and scripts for Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Nuke, C4D… All being easily translatable by users with the same DuTranslator application.

If we reach the fourth level, we will be able to include an oflline and online dictionary to the application to help translators, probably using (and contributing to) the free and open source Apertium.

You can already download a Beta version of the application to edit translation files, and use it to translate Duik.

Note: DuTranslator is currently available for Windows only. A Mac OS and Linux versions will be available soon.

Don’t hesitate to use the comments below if you have any suggestion. We’re open to all ideas! These will be your tools too, so let’s shape them together!

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