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We’re running a crowdfunding campaign to develop and improve the Rainbox Open Tools: new free and open source tools for film and animation production.

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There are a lot of things we can and we want to develop. What we’re going to achieve depends primarily on how much we can raise during this crowdfunding campaign. We’ve set levels to put some priorities, but of course the more we raise, the more plentiful and advanced the tools will be.

DuNodes: a node view for After Effects!

We’ll need to reach the fourth level of our crowdfunding campaign to begin the development of DuGr.

Users have asked for a long time for node views in After Effects. DuNodes will bring some to you! It won’t replace the layer system in After Effects of course, but some specific features would greatly benefit from a node view in After Effects:

  • Parenting: viewing and editing layer parenting in a node view will make rigging much easier and quicker!
  • Precompositions: the flowchart in After Effects alredy displays compositions and precompositions. With a proper node view, we would be able to actually edit the inclusion of precompositions.
  • Expressions: the ability to view expression links and references in a node view would make rigging easier, especially for debugging what we call “infernal loops” when there are cyclic references between layers through parenting and expressions, which break everything.
  • Shape Layers: shape layers can become very complicated when there is a lot of content inside them. A node view would help to visualize and edit the groups and how they’re included inside each other.

– After Effects/Windows
– After Effects/Mac OS

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Don’t hesitate to use the comments below if you have any suggestion. We’re open to all ideas! These will be your tools too, so let’s shape them together!

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Seize the means of film production. Rainbox Open Tools Crowdfunding Campaign: Help free software development and get new awesome tools.