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Alpha Crowdfunding Tools

Developped by: Duduf

License: GNU General Public License v3

This is still an Alpha version, which means there’s still a lot of development remaining, but it is already considered "usable". i.e. you can already use it without breaking the sun, even if some (a lot of) features are still missing and there's still some (a lot of) bugs. It is not ready for use in production.

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We’ve recently run a crowdfunding campaign to develop and improve the Rainbox Open Tools: new free and open source tools for film and animation production.

The campaign has ended in June, and we’ve raised 26.000€, 185% of the initial goal, which means we’re now able to develop very advanced tools!

DuME – a fast, versatile and easy-yo-use Free and Open Source Media Encoder.

DuME uses FFmpeg for transcoding, which makes it very fast and versatile, and it even adds other features not available in FFmpeg (like DWA support for EXR files).
DuME is also able to render and transcode Adobe After Effects projects and to render Blender scenes.

The goal of DuME is to be as easy to use as possible even for beginners, without any compromise on functionality for advanced users.

Just watch how fast it is!

This show the actual launch time of DuME, no cheat!
This shows how long it takes to transcode a 4s mp4, in high quality.

To achieve this goal, the development of the application follows these guidelines:

  • The User Interface has to be both intuitive and nice-looking, as well as fast.
  • Transcoding to standard formats (mp4, PNG…) is straightforward, thanks to carefully hand-crafted presets.
  • The most common parameters (resolution, frames per second, codec, quality…) can easily be set through the user interface
  • Advanced users can add any other parameter available in FFmpeg thanks to the “custom parameters”, or even input their own commands through the included command line.
  • Common parameters and Custom parameters can be saved as easy-to-use User Presets.

Already Available Features

  • Transcode any audio or video file, from any format supporter by FFmpeg to any other format supported by FFmpeg.
  • Easy presets for: mp4, wav, PNG, EXR, Quicktime HAP, GIF… – evolving list.
  • Transcode to and from Image Sequences (PNG, EXR…).
  • Mix Media files (e.g. add sound to an image sequence) – available using custom parameters, work in progress.
  • Render After Effects projects and transcode to any format supported by FFmpeg – work in progress.

Planned Features

Some of these features are already being developed and are tested with our supports on Patreon.

  • Render/Transcode queue.
  • Simplify After Effects rendering setup.
  • Add a composition to the queue from within After Effects.
  • Simple media player (using ffplay).
    • Preview of the input.
    • Preview of the output.
  • Render Blender scenes.
  • Mix several inputs together.
  • Append several inputs.
  • Add subtitles tracks.
  • Burn subtitles in picture.
  • Burn Metadata in picture (Timecode…).
  • Support for more formats (DWA in EXR for example).

Windows (+ After Effects, Blender)
Mac OS (+ After Effects, Blender)
Linux (+ Blender)

There are a lot of things we can and we want to develop. What we’re going to achieve depends primarily on how much we have raised during this crowdfunding campaign. We’ve reached the level III, which means most of the features will be developed, and just a few more advanced tools will be more difficult or take more time to develop, those which were planned at level IV.

At the first level of crowdfunding we’ll reach, we’ll be able to finish and release a working version of DuME for transcoding and mixing all kind of medias (video and audio streams and also subtitles) and render After Effects compositions. We’ll also add a lot of easy-to-use hand-crafted and fine-tuned presets for the most common (and less common, depending on your suggestions) media formats.

  • Render Blender scenes without having to open Blender. You’ll still need to have Blender installed, but DuME will be a quick way to launch and encode your blender scenes, into as many formats as you want.
  • Full featured openEXR support: import and export from and to all flavors of EXR files, extract AOVs, etc…
  • A video player to play input medias (including image sequences) or preview the encoding of output medias, to precisely adjust the quality versus file size you need.
  • Network rendering to control DuME from another computer or to install it on a server. We’ll do some research to enable distributed rendering for After Effects and Blender, actually turning DuME into a renderfarm.

You can already download and test an alpha version of DuME which works for transcoding all kind of medias, and should correctly render After Effects compositions.

Don’t hesitate to use the comments below if you have any suggestion. We’re open to all ideas! These will be your tools too, so let’s shape them together!

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