DuIO v2.0.1-Beta |
Beta Tools

By: Nicolas Dufresne

License: GNU General Public License v3

This is still a Beta version, which means there’s still some development remaining, but it is already considered "usable". i.e. you can already use it without breaking the sun, there may still be some bugs. You may use it in production at your own risk.

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This script is a collection of tools for exporting and importing stuff in After Effects.
It is part of DuAEF, the Duduf After Effects Framework.



Note: The import and export animation tools are also available in Duik, in the tools panel.

In Development

DuIO is in active development and more formats will be added soon!

  • Import new formats introduced by Duik characters from Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita, Inkscape, The Gimp
  • Import and export rigged characters.
  • Import scenes rendered/exported by Duik for Blender
  • Improve the exportation of compositions to Audition

And any other format we might need or you may request!

It will also handle the new OCO format used by Duik (for After Effects and Blender)

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