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Duik for Blender

Duik for Blender: 2D and 2.5D cutout rigging and animation tools

The rigging and animation tool set for Blender ! Especially dedicated to 2D and 2.5D cutout animation, but including tools for 3D rigging and animation too.

Duik will profit from and contribute to some already existing free tools in Blender, like COA tools, so it won’t only be new tools for Blender, but it will actually improve existing tools too. That’s the beauty of free software.

– Blender/Windows
– Blender/Mac OS

We’ll need to reach the second level of our crowdfunding campaign to begin the development of Duik for Blender.

  • Automatically import and build characters exported in a single click from Illustrator, Photoshop, Krita, and probably Inkscape and The Gimp. The format used will be the same as the exports for Duik Bassel for After Effects: you’ll have a single tool to export both for After Effects or Blender, in an open file format.

Duik for Blender will detect the alpha of the layers to create perfectly fitting objects in Blender, and remesh them to let you add volume to them if you want. It will also precisely locate the pivots, and prepare them for the auto-rig.

You can see that the sprite has been automatically generated using the alpha channel of the image.
  • Create armatures for the character the same way Duik for After Effects create Structures, for all kind of characters.
  • Auto-rig these armatures so you’re ready for animation in just a few clicks.
  • Animation tools: like Duik Bassel for After Effects, Duik for Blender will include some useful animation tools and automations, especially the Kleaner to help you quickly animate anything from intuitive parameters like the weight or the energy of the object you’re animating.
  • 2D and 2.5D layout: quickly setup a layout for your 2D or 2.5D animations, with a predefined camera, some optionnal lighting sets, a background… And controls to manipulate this layout as if you were using simple layers, to add new layers and characters, manage the stack…
  • Render and export tools: automate the rendering and exportation process while keeping separated layers if you need, to be able to bring them in another compositing software like After Effects if you need.

This level of crowdfunding would allow us to take extra time to use the tools developed for cutout rigging and animation to make 3D rigging and animation easier too. We would implement the principles behind Duik, what makes it so easy to use for beginners, compared to 3D rigging, into new 3D rigging and animation tools with predefined armatures, auto-rig, etc.

7 thoughts on “Duik for Blender

  1. Experimentation with 2D cutout style animation in Blender, a few features come to mind.
    – A way to easily add and adjust custom meshes for distortion/shape keys. The knife tool is far from perfect and there is a lot of trial and error to do it.
    – A way to have matching points on two different 2d images and then control a morph with a shape key/controller. It would be especially good for facial animation.

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