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DuGR 4

DuGR enables you to group layers in After Effects, and isolate the display of these groups. It is an essential tool to simplify the management of compositions with lots of layers, without any need to precompose!

Groups are shown with nice markers on the timeline, and DuGR can isolate these layers to help you work even if your comp is cluttered with hundreds of them.

Custom groups, by property, by type, by hierarchy…

You can also select and manipulate layers by type and attributes, for example to isolate all shape layers, find all layers with audio, find all layers without children or without parent, etc.

Lots of settings

DuGR has a lot of settings to let you customize the way layers are isolated. It also comes with a lot of different languages and the list (Ch’ti, English, Español, Esperanto, Français…) is constantly evolving, so that you may work with tools in the language you understand best. As many other tools we’re developping, Esperanto is proposed as a default international language instead of English.

An easy-to-use API

DuGR provides a nice and easy-to-use Scripting API, to help developers include DuGR groups and features in their own scripts (as long as they’re also free software).

Download the API from Github, and read the reference on dugr.rxlab.io.

Support us!

Our tools are free, as in free beer as well as in freedom.

But unlike most of the free stuff you can find on the internet, there’s no advertising at all, and you are not the product here. We just work in a non-mercantile way, and consider sharing as a great value. It is important for us that our tools are available for everyone, rich or poor, amateur or professionnal. Because our greatest wish is to see great films, and we believe sharing and helping each other is the easiest way to make it come true.

The difficult part is that developping, maintaining, distributing these tools is a lot of work and investment. The only funds we get for all of this are your kind contributions.

There are two ways for sending your support: you can either send a one-time donation to Rainbox, or make a small but regular donation to Duduf on Patreon, where you’ll be in direct contact with him and get an early and exclusive access to all the stuff he’s developping and working on.

DuGR (.zip)

Read the installation instructions in the comprehensive documentation.

Size: 981 kB
Version: 4.0.2


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