Ramses Python API64 DownloadsDownloadSize: 47 kBVersion: 0.2.6-Alpha

Ramses Maya – Rubika Flavor51 DownloadsDownloadSize: 51 MB (.zip)Version: 0.2.6-Alpha

Ramses Maya69 DownloadsDownloadSize: 51 MB (.zip)Version: 0.2.6-Alpha

Ramses App (Linux)51 DownloadsChoose this for other distributions. Note that openSSL 1.1 must be available on the system to use a secure connection to the server. DownloadSize: 40 MB (.appImage)Version: 0.2.7-Alpha

Ramses App (Linux)68 DownloadsDebian / Ubuntu DownloadSize: 2 MB (.deb)Version: 0.2.7-Alpha

Ramses App (Mac OS)162 DownloadsDownloadSize: 15 MB (.dmg)Version: 0.2.7-Alpha

Ramses App (Windows)766 DownloadsDownloadSize: 29 MB (.zip)Version: 0.2.8-Alpha

Ramses Server (.zip)387 DownloadsRead the update or install instructions here. DownloadSize: 102 kBVersion: 0.2.7-Alpha

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