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This page is private: you can share it with people involved in the development of Ramses in or with your structure (studio, school, …), but please don’t share it publicly.

If you’d like another studio or school to join us, please contact us first, just so we know who’s involved. We don’t want to include too many people and get too many different opinions until Ramses is mature enough.

To follow the development of Ramses and be notified about important news and updates, subscribe now to this specific newsletter!

Don’t worry, you will not be subscribed for anything else than important news about Ramses, and your e-mail won’t be shared with anyone. We hate spam too!

You can also join the Discussions on Github to have a chat with the developers and other (future) users, and don’t forget to use Github Issues for feature requests and bug reports. We’re also writing a comprehensive documentation about Ramses.

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