Let’s stop bullshitting…

No, we’re not going to produce a wooden wheel, that’s just another prank like those we love to do on April 1st in France and other countries. At least, we hope it made you smile, especially during these challenging times. Smiling and laughing is important, no matter what.

We’re just going to continue to produce films and animations, and develop software to help motion pictures production.

Let’s face it, we’re not going to pretend that what we do is a lot more important or necessary than this stupid (but beautiful) wheel, especially during an important and sad pandemic, when people are dying. After all, it’s just cartoons, and tools to help people make cartoons.

Of course we’re trying to help our friends, our neighbors, our families, everyone we may meet who’s in need. But our job is just that: making cartoons and tools to help people make cartoons.

Because we believe a majority among all of us is in the same case, what we’re trying to do is to do our job in a good way. And more than that, we’re trying to do it in a way which will be good for other people, not just for us. And by doing this, we’re also trying to show there are actually other ways of working, sharing, helping each others, than what we’re all used to in a mercantile society.

Let’s get to the point: the PureWheel™ campaign was a way to show exactly what we do not want to do. To show that this is what we believe depreciates our world.

But we are actually preparing a crowdfunding campaign. Because we’re trying to do things differently, because we’re not selling our tools, because we’re just trying to share them with the most people as possible, because we truly believe our vision for the society will make life better for all of us, we’re going to need help.

But we want to do things the right way. Especially when times are hard. And they always are for some of us, sadly.

Top 5 of the best crowdfunding campaigns we won’t run

(but which are really real and happened for real!)

The Sphere (just a 200g-metallic sphere): $41k

Reusable tissues (in a pretty box): $717k

A Belly Fridge: $1M

A Toothbrush (it makes light!) : $46k

A full face mask against COVID-19 (kind of a swimming mask) : $8k

SPECIAL PRICE OF THE JURY: The Potato Salad: $55k: it was a really nice joke but… wouldn’t the money raised deserved to be spent on more useful stuff?

What we’re actually going to do

Our goal is to help people working in the motion pictures industry (as ourselves) through to the software we’re developing to help them. As a cooperative company, we support, use and develop free (as in freedom) and open source software.

This is why we’re going to run a crowdfunding campaign: because we’re not going to sell anything. What we’re going to create will be completely free and it will not be some kind of perk for your contributions. What we’re asking is that altogether, we contribute to this project. As much as we think we can afford, no less, no more. And those who can’t afford to contribute will enjoy our free tools anyway.

We’ll be the first to test these tools in our productions, but we won’t wait to give them to you. It just mean this software will be production-ready and fool-proof. And of course, we’ll be very happy to share our films too! And even our files, our process, everything. That’s part of the deal. And it’s not a perk for any contribution. That’s for everyone.

Yes, we really believe sharing and transparency will improve the world. We only need to fund this in a fair way, without selling. Which means, crowdfunding.

Here are important principles

Be 100% honest and transparent with you.

Contribute to the free software community.

Help the whole community have nice, easy-to-use, powerful, modern, innovative tools for motion pictures production.

Keep the software open and under a free license, welcome contributions, bug reports and feature requests, so it’s always getting improved.

Use these tools in our own productions too, and share our techniques, our files, our methods with the whole community too.

Take ideas from someone else and make money with them.

Use crowdfunding campaigns and create perks just to sell products. This is not some kind of pre-order!

Selling you something which may not work as advertised or that you won’t use any more in a couple of months.

Run a crowdfunding campaign for our own profit.

Promise you more benefits than you will actually get.

If you like what we’re trying to do and the way we’re trying to do it,

If you have ever used our tools or if you are interested in what’s coming in the future, if you like animation, short-films: sharing our vision, sharing our words is the best thing you can do to help us move forward and show us you like what we do. And when it’s time to help with the crowd-funding campaign, either by contributing or just by sharing a few kind words again, we’ll let you know. We will do everything to owe you this.

Get ready for the launch of the campaign, soon…

If you are interested to participate and get informed, just leave your email to subscribe to our newsletter (we promise, we hate spam too!)

A few other important words

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the lock-down in many areas, we know these times aren’t the best for everybody. Even if it’s hard, we want to keep getting things done.

Just take care of you and your family, be safe, be healthy, we hope everything is alright.

Share this page, what we do, speak around you about our project, it is part of the things that can help us achieve our goal and bring interesting things to the whole community.

To take a look at what we do, you are at the right place, explore this website to see the tools we have already developed, read the documentation, watch tutorials… You can also have a look at rainboxprod.coop to discover the films we produce.

Thank you for your concern.

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