New features in Duik Bassel.2 (16.2)

New features in Duik Bassel.2 (16.2)
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New features in Duik Bassel.2 (16.2)

These are very exciting times! After Effects 2020 has just been released, with great performance improvements, and we’re releasing the second update to Duik 16, Duik Bassel.2, which makes a great use of these improvements in After Effects.

This is the list of the new features and improvements in Duik Bassel.2.
It is not a big list, but we believe the Kleaner and the controller extraction with Master Properties are game changers.

The new Kleaner

Kleaner, the Keyframe Cleaner, in previous versions of Duik, was already quite a nice tool, able to automatically take care of your interpolations and smooth your animations. It now just takes care of the 3 most important Disney animation principles: Anticipation, Slow in and slown out, Follow Through (and this is just a step, you can expect Squash and Stretch and other nice features soon…)

What is really nice is that it does so through an expression. Which means it is completely procedural and you can adjust the settings at any time with a very simple effect!

It also completely replaces the Spring tool, as it has the same features and many more: it’s follow through algorithm does what the spring did, but it does it better: the simulated mode works on any spatial properties. That means you can use it on puppet pins to quickly create a nice soft body wich deforms with the movement of the layer. It is also much faster to compute, which is even better with the new After Effects 2020 and its performance improvements!

> Read the detailed documentation to know more about the Kleaner.

Extract controllers with Master Properties (After Effects 2020)

With After Effects 2020, expressions in master properties have been so much improved that you can now use them to extract controllers, and replace the expressions connecting the controllers with them. It’s something which was hidden until now, as the performance was too poor to be usable.

Duik Bassel.2 will extract controllers from precompositions using master properties by default if you’re using After Effects 2020 (but keep expressions in previous version).

That means you can now take advantage of the awesome features which come with master properties when you animate your characters: you can use a single rig in as many compositions/scenes/shots as you like, without the need to duplicate it.

This also means that when you get back into the rigged precomposition, the character is still in it’s rigging pose, as the animation is completely separated from the rig. Making changes to the rig has never been so easy, and any change will be propagated to all scenes using it, even if its already animated!

This makes the animation process in After Effects even closer to what you’d do in a 3D software, which is the core of Duik: bringing advanced animation tools in After Effects, but keeping it easy to use, easier than with this third annoying axis you have in 3D.

A new 3D and tapered Motion Trail!

The Motion Trail has been completely re-built, and now has a taper option and is also able to take the 3D space and layer scale into account to automatically adjust the width of the stroke.

Performance and UI improvements

Last but not least, the performance of many tools have been improved, which is nice with the new After Effects 2020 where the same work has been done!

Also, the UI has been tweaked and a bit re-organised, but you’ll see this by yourself!

You can read the detailed changelog here to know everything about what is changing in Duik!

Download Duik here!

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