Duik Bassel Third Party Tutorials

Duik Bassel Third Party Tutorials
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Duik Bassel Third Party Tutorials

Third-party Tutorials

We’re collecting here the best tutorials we find on the internet about Duik.


Free: Duik tutorials by Xav Motion Design (Xavier Golfier)
Walk cycle, run cycle, animation blender, blended joint rig, quicktips, rigging,…

Free: Jumpstart by Jake In Motion
Structures, Auto-rig, Walk Cycle.

Free: 4 Leg Character Rig
Nice introduction to quadruped rigging with Duik, by What Make Art

Free: Rubberhose and Duik Comparison and tips
Very nice tips and tricks to use both Rubberhose and Duik, by Morgan Williams for School of Motion.

Free: Flexible limbs rigging
Awesome quick tutorial to learn how to rig and animate tentacles and cat tails, by Sasha Dudka for Motion Design School

$197: School of Motion’s Rigging Academy
Learn to Create Professional Character Rigs with Morgan Williams.

$897: School of Motion’s Character Animation Bootcamp
A Character Animation crash course for Motion Designers by Morgan Williams.

$997: School of Motion’s Animation Bootcamp
Hardcore Animation Training for Motion Designers, by Joey Korenman.


Gratis: Duik Bassel Tutoriales, por Hero Studio (Rubén Giménez)
Presentación de todas las herramientas de Duik.

Gratis: Ciclo de Caminado con Duik, por Reyes Delpech:
Esta clase esta dividida en 3 partes:
Preparación del personaje
Animación + Bonus Tips

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