Duik Bassel Official Tutorials

Duik Bassel Official Tutorials
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Duik Bassel Official Tutorials

Grab the user guide, keep it at hand, and go watch tutorials to quickly learn Duik!
We’re making official tutorials, and there are a lot of other tutorials on the internet in a lot of different languages, not only English.

Using Duik and Character rigging

English The official character rigging course with Duik Bassel (9h).

Français Introduction au rigging, la conférence de Duduf en 2015 (1h).

Animation Course

English Comprehensive course about animation: principles, objects, characters with After Effects (8h30mn).

Français Formation complète à l’animation : principes, objets, personnages avec After Effects (8h30mn).

Quick Tips

Watch some very quick tips (less than a minute) about Duik! These are updated regularly.

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