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We love animation and motion pictures, we love freedom, we love well-made software, and we love sharing.

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We’ve already announced it in the beginning of April, and talked about crowdfunding campains in general:

Starting May 18th 2020, a crowdfunding campaign will be run by Rainbox to improve and develop new free and open source tools for motion pictures production.

We’re a film production cooperative, and our main job is to produce moving and beautiful stories, most of which are animated films (short movies, feature films and TV series). As a cooperative company, we have strong ethics and values, and we’re trying both to produce these films using free and open source software, and to contribute to the free software community, by developing our own tools and sharing them with the whole community.

So, we want to:

  • Improve and develop new quality software for everyone, whatever one’s resources and one’s country, with respect for the environment and for human beings, without all the crap such as subscription, paid licenses, private data collection, ads, spam…
    Software for 2D and 3D rigging, animation, project and asset management, rendering, pipeline management
  • Make it grow, sharing tips, knowledge, support and help, with the whole community.
  • Use this software to produce two animated short films and witness the birth of lots of other films made with the help of this software.
  • Keep all of this free and open source.

We’re sharing all of this for free because of our strong principles and ethics, but unfortunately, this is a lot of work which can’t be free and we can’t do it alone, we can’t do it without you! (by the way, thank you for reading up to this point already). That’s why we’re running a crowdfunding campaign.

Starting may, 18th 2020

Rainbox is a cooperative company in good shape, and our motion pictures production activity is working well. But it’s not enough to fund the development of free software.

As the techniques and the needs of the community evolve, we want to make our tools evolve too, for example, we plan to develop new tools to help 3D animation and contribute to the free and awesome 3D software Blender.

Here is the list of the tools we plan to develop or improve thanks to this crowdfunding campaign:

For After Effects

Duik Bassel.3: new evolution and new features for our recognized free rigging and animation tool set.
> Read more

DuShape: expand shapes and masks capabilities in After Effects.
> Read more

DuFX: list and manage all the effects used in an After Effects project.
> Read more

DuGR: renovation of this very useful tool to group layers.
> Read more

DuIO: more formats for our Input/Output script, to be able to import and export formats to and from more software.
> Read more

DuNodes: node views for After Effects!
> Read more

For Blender

Duik for Blender: 2D and 2.5D cutout rigging and animation tools for Blender, based on our succesful experience with Duik for After Effects.
> Read more

2D Compositing and motion design tools: let’s add the tools we need in Blender to have a free alternative to After Effects, working on Linux too.
> Read more

Stand-alone applications

Ramses: the Rainbox Asset Management System. An easy-to-use application along with an optional comprehensive framework to help production and asset management for all kinds of pipelines, easy-to-use, with integrations for Blender and After Effects, and an easy API to integrate it to any other software. Works both online with a shared database and offline for independent workers.
> Read more

DuME: the Duduf Media Encoder. A very fast and versatile encoder. Easily and quickly render After Effects projects, Blender scenes, mix and transcode any audio, video and subtitle stream to and from any media format.
> Read more

DuTranslator: a framework for developers and an easy-to-use application for users to translate the tools they use.
> Read more

DuModraw: a modular drawing application. Draw with patterns!
> Read more

The platform

If we can reach high goals with this campaign, our dream is also to develop an internet platform to help the funding and the distribution of free software dedicated to motion pictures and animation production.

We’ll be among the first users of some of these tools, as we’re also going to produce two short movies using them. These films will not be funded by the campaign, but they’ll allow us to thoroughly test the tools, making sure they’re finely tuned for all the community and production-ready.

  • 28.800, written and directed by Nicolas Dufresne, is the true story of a hiker living in nature for 25 days, walking in the mountains for more than 500km.
  • Serafin, written and directed by Ana Arce, is the true story of two tourists going to the Nevado Del Ruiz, one of the highest volcano in Colombia, with the help of Serafin and his little truck carrying the milk from the farms on the slopes of the volcano. They meet the other regular passengers of this uncommon transportation.

Starting may 18th!
Save the date, and stay tuned!

Don’t hesitate to use the comments below to tell us how excited you are about all of this, or if you have any suggestion. We’re open to all ideas!

2 thoughts on “Seize the means of motion pictures production

  1. Hello guys, it´s been a while.
    I’m writing to you, cause in the crowdfunding campaign I chose a perk that has digital items like have access to existing and future courses, and I want to know if I have to wait until 2021 to have access to courses that you already have like the duik one. Please let me know, I’m very interested in this.
    Best regards,

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