Duik Certified Instructor Exam (Exercises)

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You have 12 hours from now () to finish the exercises and answer the questionnaire. The countdown has already started, good luck!


These are the exercises you have to make.
They represent 50% of your final score.

  1. Course content
    Design content for a 5-day course or comprehensive video course (multiple tutorials) about Duik. It has to include:

    • The intended audience (your choice)
    • The level (your choice in: Beginner, Average, Avanced/Expert)
    • The course requirements
    • The course objectives
    • The Content/Outline
    • Practical Exercises description

    You can attach any file you think is necessary (schemas, drafts, etc.), and of course you can add any detail and comment you need in addition to the above list.

    The assessment will be made on the coherence between the outline and the intended audience and its level, and the comprehensiveness of the course regarding the objectives. The exercises must be well-chosen to fit the objectives of the course and the level of the intended audience.

    This course content is 35% of your final score.

  2. Technical exercise
    Design a practical exercise or video tutorial to teach and demo at least two features of Duik from the list below:

    • Parent and/or Position and/or Orientation constraint.
    • Path Constraint
    • Animation Blender
    • Kleaner
    • Motion Trail
    • Arm Structures and Auto-Rig
    • Connector
    • Randomize
    • Wheel

    You will write a precise description of the exercise, and you can attach any file you need (After Effects project, schemas, draft, etc.).
    We’re not asking for a finished After Effects project, but a precise description of the exercise.

    We will assess the originality of the exercise, and how it efficiently demonstrates the features of Duik and associated After Effects tools.

    This exercise is 15% of your final score.


10 questions about Duik to answer when you will have finished the exercises. This questionnaire represents 20% of your final score.


Your interview should already be scheduled, it is 30% of your final score.

We will talk about Duik, teaching, and the content of the course and exercise you have to design.


As soon as you have finished the exercises and you’re ready to answer the questionnaire, get to: hhttp://instructor-exam-end.rainboxlab.org
You will be able to upload your exercises there.


In case you need it, we’re available to help you for any question or problem you may have, during day time in mainland France.
You should have got a phone number to contact us, we’re also available on our discord server.

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