Duik Certified Expert Exam (Exercises)

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You have 12 hours from now (2022-01-19 15:29:49) to finish the exercises and answer the questionnaire. The countdown has already started, good luck!


These are your exercises, with the links you need to download the corresponding files.
A .txt file is available in the zip archives you’re downloading, with more details about the exercises and what you have to do.

The exercises represent 80% of your score.

  1. Rigging an animal
    You’re an expert, we know you can rig a standard biped. Let’s rig an animal!
    Click here to download the .psd file of your animal.
  2. Rigging a face
    This is a face you have to rig for an animator who would have to animate a nice acting with it.
    Click here to download the .psd file of the face.
  3. Particles!
    This is a particle exercise where you have to use the Duik Randomize tool and any other tool you see fit.
    Click here to download the .psd file of the particles.
  4. Character animation
    This is an animation exercise, with a rigged character in After Effects.
    Click here to download the .aep file of the character.


Twenty questions to answer as soon as you’ve finished the exercises. This questionnaire represent 20% of your score.


Click now on the Begin! button to validate your participation at the exam.
There’s no reason to wait, the 12-hour countdown has already begun.


In case you need it, we’re available to help you for any question or problem you may have, during day time in mainland France.
You should have got a phone number to contact us, we’re also available on our discord server.

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