Become a Duik Certified Expert or Instructor

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Join a worldwide community of advanced users of Duik, and show your expertise with the certification label for experts or instructors.

Duik Certified Experts have an in-depth knowledge about Duik, Adobe After Effects, character rigging and more generally what is needed to achieve the best animations.

Duik Certified Instructors are also certified experts, and adhere to strict guidelines in order to provide the best training experience about Duik, After Effects and character rigging to other professionals or students.

Program Benefits

  • Duik Certified Expert or Instructor digital badge
  • Use of Duik Certified Expert or Instructor logo (on your website, your tutorials, your documents…)
  • Listing and contact form on Duik Certified Experts and Instructors page on and
  • Access to a private online community and chat channels gathering all experts and instructors

Program Requirements

Duik Certified Expert

  • Proof of 2+ years experience as an After Effects expert and Duik user (demo reel, resume, Adobe Certified Expert or Instructor…)
  • Pass the Duik Certified Expert exam.

Duik Certified Instructor

  • Pass the Duik Certified Expert exam*.
  • Pass the Duik Certified Instructor exam*.

*Both exams must be passed with the same version of Duik.

Recommended Qualifications

At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become a Duik Certified Expert or Instructor should:

  • Have a minimum of 4 years of experience using After Effects
  • Have a minimum of 1 year of experience using Duik
  • Complete training courses for Duik or self-study training

At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become a Duik Certified Instructor should also:

  • Have a minimum of 2 years of experience of teaching, ideally with a focus on After Effects or Duik.

Exams Information

Certified Expert

  • In Lille, France or online
  • French or English
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Two phases: questions (1h), exercises (6h)
  • Price: between 50€ and 200€ depending on your country.

Certified Instructor

  • In Lille, France or online
  • French or English
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Three phases: questions (30mn), exercises (5h30), interview (1h)
  • Price: between 50€ and 200€ depending on your country.

Exams Objectives and Scope

After Effects

  • Have an in-depth knowledge about After Effects with a focus on motion design, rigging and animation: parenting and coordinates, precompositions, performance issues, expressions, shape layers, animation and graph editor, puppet tool, installing and using scripts.
  • Write simple and advanced expressions (using conditions, interpolation functions such as linear(), using variables…) working with all the languages of After Effects.


  • Realistically animate any object with weight and momentum, follow through and overlap.
  • Know the basics of character animation such as anticipation, staging, follow through, overlap…


  • Rig any animal or mechanic (biped, quadruped, insects, fishes, trucks, excavator, gears…)
  • Rig faces, including mouth shapes and phonemes, head turn, expressions and eye blinks.
  • Rig clothes, folds, hair, and all props.
  • Understand and use all constraints.
  • Use and tweak all automations, especially the kleaner, the randomize tool, the walk cycle, the effectors…
  • Master the connector and all kind of connections
  • Blend animations with the animation blender
  • Master camera animation
  • Understand all tools available in Duik

Certified Instructor

  • Know the details about the free license of Duik (GNU GPLv3)
  • Translate or modify the translations of Duik
  • Install, fix, uninstall Duik
  • Be able to find detailed information about Duik and any of its features
  • Provide an extensive educational support
  • Create precise and reliable pedagogical content and teaching materials

If you are already experienced with After Effects and you already know the basics of Duik, we provide an official 4-day preparation course, optionally including the exams for the expert and instructor certifications during a 5th and 6th days.
This course can be followed face-to-face or online, in partnership with Carpe Media.

Note that this course does not provide all the knowledge needed to pass the Duik Certified Expert exam, and you’ll need to continue learning Duik, gain more experience, or follow the official preparation course to complete your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about the Certification Program? You will probably find answers in the FAQ here.

Next Sessions

Each exam (expert or instructor) lasts one day.
The preparation course lasts 4 days and is always followed by an expert exam, and an instructor exam a few days later.

Certification Exams

  • February, 8th to 19th 2021 – Online
  • February, 12th and 17th 2021 – Lille, France
  • March, 8th to 14th – Online
  • March, 15th and 16th – Lille, France
  • April, 12th to 18th 2021 – Online
  • April, 16th and 19th 2021 – Lille, France
  • May, 10th to 16th 2021 – Online
  • May, 12th and 14th 2021 – Lille, France
  • June, 21st to 27th – Online
  • June, 25th and 28th – Lille, France

Preparation Course in English

More dates will be available soon. Contact us for more information!

Stage de préparation en français

Lille, France et en ligne :

  • du 8 au 11 février 2021 (examens des 12 et 17 février)
  • du 12 au 15 avril 2021 (examens des 16 et 19 avril)
  • du 21 au 24 juin 2021 (examens des 25 et 28 juin)

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