Support us!

Our tools are free, as in free beer as well as in freedom.

But unlike most of the free stuff you can find on the internet, there’s no advertising at all, and you are not the product here. We just work in a non-mercantile way, and consider sharing as a great value. It is important for us that our tools are available for everyone, rich or poor, amateur or professionnal. Because our greatest wish is to see great films, and we believe sharing and helping each other is the easiest way to make it come true.

The difficult part is that developping, maintaining, distributing these tools is a lot of work and investment. The only funds we get for all of this are your kind contributions.

There are two ways for sending your support: you can either send a one-time donation to Rainbox, or make a small but regular donation to Duduf on Patreon, where you’ll be in direct contact with him and get an early and exclusive access to all the stuff he’s developping and working on.


Unfortunately, we do not live yet in a world where everything is free.

As we value transparency and depend on your contributions for our funding, let’s explain what this means. We’re not publishing the actual precise values as they’re not easy to calculate and we don’t want them to be misunderstood, not being accurate or comprehensive. But you’re free to contact us if you’d like to know more, we can give you rough estimates or discuss specific points.

The expenses

We have a lot of different stuff to pay for…

The hosting for this website, and making the tools available.

Writing the documentation, recording video quick tips…

The development, maintenance and updates for this website

Events organization


The actual software development and maintenance (updates and bug fixes)

The support: answering questions on the forum, chat server, mails, etc.

Of course all of these include both stuff we have to pay for or buy, and salaries of people working on it.
According our principles and our way of promoting free software, we have to find ways for funding all this work.

The incomes

As we don’t sell our software, we’ve found other ways for getting what we need. But know that it’s still not enough!

Donations and funds from crowdfunding campaigns, received by Rainbox, are invested during times of development of brand new software or big updates, for the development, some translations, writing the documentation…

Patreon, received by Duduf directly, covers only part of his salary for the day-to-day software development, maintenance, communication…

The sales of the printed Duik user guide cover only… the user guide itself.

The sales of the Duik video course is by far the biggest income Rainbox gets, which is reinvested in salaries and communication.

The rest is covered by Rainbox itself, which invests in Rainbox Laboratory depending of its needs.

As you can see, all the activity of Rainbox Lab. is non-profit, by design and in fact, and more than that, it could not live without investments from Rainbox Productions. Rainbox earns in visibility, and got a lot of work in film production thanks to this investment, so everybody is happy, but we’re always in need for your donations and support!

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