The fate of the country does not depend on how you vote at the polls — the worst man is as strong as the best at that game; it does not depend on what kind of paper you drop into the ballot-box once a year, but on what kind of man you drop from your chamber into the street every morning.

Henry David Thoreau

Rainbox Laboratory is not only dedicated to software development and teaching, training, helping people.
Our goal is also to show that another world can be built together, without mercantilism and capitalism, where emancipation and freedom of all the people comes from equality, financial independance and mutual assistance, in a world respectful of nature.

This is the reason why we’re always searching for new ways to fund, develop, and share what we do best: films (via Rainbox Productions), software, and teaching, and lead by example. We won’t lecture anyone and won’t judge anyone for their choices and their way of doing what they do, but we’re showing other ways, which work, and that we believe could make the world a better place for everyone.

Our values

As part of Rainbox Productions, a film production cooperative, Rainbox Laboratory shares the same values and commitments.

The cooperative structure of Rainbox allows a new organization for the company and its work,
where emancipation, democracy, thriving, solidarity and sharing are our main focus.

Our work is guided with some principles included in our founding articles.

1st principle
Rainbox employees are members of the cooperative who develop their professional activities and economic independance together.

2nd principle
The structure of Rainbox guarantees the democracy and the transparency of its administration.

3rd principle
Rainbox gives priority against profit to the promotion and thriving of its members.

4th principle
The common assets of Rainbox are indivisible, to allow the independance of the cooperative and its transmission between generations of members.

5th principle
Rainbox values openness and has no trade secret. We stimulate the sharing of techniques and knowledge.

6th principle
Rainbox works to reduce its environmental impact.
As Rainbox consumes a lot of electricity, all of it comes from renewable energies.


Unfortunately, we do not live yet in a world where everything is free.

As we value transparency and depend on your contributions for our funding, let’s explain what this means. We’re not publishing the actual precise values as they’re not easy to calculate and we don’t want them to be misunderstood, not being accurate or comprehensive. But you’re free to contact us if you’d like to know more, we can give you rough estimates or discuss specific points.

The expenses

We have a lot of different stuff to pay for…

The hosting for this website, and making the tools available.

Writing the documentation, recording video quick tips…

The development, maintenance and updates for this website

Events organization


The actual software development and maintenance (updates and bug fixes)

The support: answering questions on the forum, chat server, mails, etc.

Of course all of these include both stuff we have to pay for or buy, and salaries of people working on it.
According our principles and our way of promoting free software, we have to find ways for funding all this work.

The incomes

As we don’t sell our software, we’ve found other ways for getting what we need. But know that it’s still not enough!

Donations and funds from crowdfunding campaigns, received by Rainbox, are invested during times of development of brand new software or big updates, for the development, some translations, writing the documentation…

Patreon, received by Duduf directly, covers only part of his salary for the day-to-day software development, maintenance, communication…

The sales of the printed Duik user guide cover only… the user guide itself.

The sales of the Duik video course is by far the biggest income Rainbox gets, which is reinvested in salaries and communication.

The rest is covered by Rainbox itself, which invests in Rainbox Laboratory depending of its needs.

As you can see, all the activity of Rainbox Lab. is non-profit, by design and in fact, and more than that, it could not live without investments from Rainbox Productions. Rainbox earns in visibility, and got a lot of work in film production thanks to this investment, so everybody is happy, but we’re always in need for your donations and support!

Support us!

Our tools are free, as in free beer as well as in freedom.

But unlike most of the free stuff you can find on the internet, there’s no advertising at all, and you are not the product here. We just work in a non-mercantile way, and consider sharing as a great value. It is important for us that our tools are available for everyone, rich or poor, amateur or professionnal. Because our greatest wish is to see great films, and we believe sharing and helping each other is the easiest way to make it come true.

The difficult part is that developping, maintaining, distributing these tools is a lot of work and investment. The only funds we get for all of this are your kind contributions.

There are two ways for sending your support: you can either send a one-time donation to Rainbox, or make a small but regular donation to Duduf on Patreon, where you’ll be in direct contact with him and get an early and exclusive access to all the stuff he’s developping and working on.

Our methods

To achieve our goals, we’re always challenging our methods. Here’s our way of working, which is always evolving.

Work organization

As a cooperative, we have very strict rules concerning the work organization. For example, employees all have shares of the company; there is one, and only one, vote per person (and not per share) in the board of directors which include all shareholders; the benefit of the company is divided between investment and all the employees, in equal shares, there is no profit share.

And we’re going further beyond these rules. At Rainbox, employees all have the same salary, and there is no hierarchy between us. Decisions have to reach a consensus.

Free Software

We believe in free and open source software, which is the only way to guarantee that our tools are both available to anyone in the world, and respectful of the total freedom of the users.

We’ve chosen to release our software under the GNU General Public License v3 which we believe is the strongest defender of this freedom, and guarantees that anyone using our software is free to do what they want, provided they respect the freedom of other users too, meaning that any derivative of our software will be free too.

And of course, we’re also trying the best we can to use ourselves only free software and replacing as most as possible proprietary software in our pipeline. This is not easy, and we did not manage to achieve a pipeline 100% free, but we’re working on it!

This also means we’re trying to get free of services from Google and other companies like that, replacing them by free (as in freedom) services, or moving to servers we own, instead of trusting private giant companies with our data.

Renewable Energy

All our electricity comes from Enercoop, a French cooperative which produce and sell only renewable energy (solar, eolian or hydroelectric) respectful of the environment. As a cooperative, this company also shares our social and economic values.


Our software, our methods, our tools are also your tools! Actually, every time you read the word “we” here, know that you’re included.

We love getting your feedback as a user, and we love even more when users change into contributors. You’re very welcome for any kind of contribution, from simple feedback to translations to actual coding.

Do you have some questions? Join the community and let’s get in touch!

These are also good places if you’d like to help us and contribute. We’re always happy to welcome people of good will, and there’s always a lot of stuff to do, like translating the tools, writing the documentation, fixing bugs or implementing new features, making tutorials, creating icons… We’re sure there’s at least one of these thing you can do to help improve all these free tools!

If you’d prefer to have a chat.

This is the best place for bug reports and feature requests, or to get and talk about code.

If you’d like to contact the Rainbox Lab. team in a more private way, you can contact us directly. Please note that we don’t provide any support for our tools via this form, we’ll just delete your message. This form is only for private enquiries.

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